A motorcycle accident tends to cause more serious injuries than an auto accident

Each year, thousands of motorcyclists are killed or injured. Whether due to the negligence of another driver, slippery roads, or carelessness of another, a motorcycle accident often produces a life-changing impact on the victim and his or her family. After a catastrophic motorcycle accident, it is important to contact an experienced attorney right away. At Schum Law, we are committed to helping our clients recover substantial settlements in motorcycle accident cases and have valuable experience in motorcycle accident cases.

Motorcycle riders are more prone to injuries because – except for the helmet, if worn – the rest of their body is unprotected. This bodily exposure, added to the usual road hazards and other driver's negligence, are among the dangers involved in riding motorcycles. Some who are lucky enough to survive a serious accident are still not saved from serious injuries, such as brain injury, broken bones, and permanent scarring. When accidents are this severe, we can help.

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A motorcycle accident tends to cause more serious injuries than an auto accident. Catastrophic injuries, such as brain injury, head injury, spinal injury, and paralysis are among the possible effects of this type of accident. Receiving the right medical attention and treatment greatly depends on the ability and skill of a lawyer who can recover costs incurred because of the motorcycle injury.

At Schum Law, we make your compensation our priority. With well over 20 years of legal experience, Attorney Todd Schum has earned a reputation for efficiency in handling cases involving motorcycle accidents. His familiarity with the personal injury law is an advantage that clients throughout Illinois can rely on.


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Getting large insurance companies to pay damages for death and injuries can be difficult. At Schum Law, we offer aggressive representation in the face of this sort of difficulty. While we will utilize negotiation in an attempt to most effectively achieve the most positive results for you, we will take your case to court, if necessary, to obtain the best possible compensation.

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