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Any injury can have devastating, short and long term effects. Whether it is an automobile or any other type of accident, victims are often faced with large medical bills and lost wages and are entitled to monetary compensation from the person whose negligence caused the serious injury. Our objective is to get enough compensation to cover the damages caused. This complex task calls for the kind of assistance only an experienced injury lawyer can provide. Contact Schum Law at 217-239-6640 for a free consultation with an experienced injury lawyer.

Always seek medical attention first. Then immediately call your lawyer.

Insurance companies habitually and unfairly reduce and deny compensation. This is how they make money for their corporate stockholders. Getting a fair amount of compensation for a serious injury is tough work, a task Schum Law is well equipped to handle for you.

At Schum Law, we work hard to obtain the best possible settlement of claims for our clients.

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From the seat of Champaign County to all of Central Illinois, Schum Law works hard to obtain the best possible settlement for you.

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Accidental injuries result in about 31 million emergency room visits each year.

Every year, about a quarter of all children sustain an injury serious enough to require medical attention, school absences, and/or bed rest.

Accidental injuries are the fifth leading cause of death in the United States.

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