Truck accidents can have a devastating effect on the victims and their families. The level of harm resulting from a truck accident is often much more severe, and a person in a truck accident is more prone to sustain a serious injury. The assistance of an experienced attorney is important to recover appropriate financial compensation to cover medical costs, loss of wages and other expenses, as well as for pain and suffering, and disability.

A lawyer’s extensive experience in handling personal injury cases is critical to obtaining equitable compensation for victims of truck accidents. Personal injury claims involving truck accidents are often complicated by federal regulations and the fact that most commercial vehicles are owned by companies that can afford to spend large sums defending a case. In these instances a skilled lawyer who is familiar with navigating these factors can be of great benefit. At Schum Law, our experience has earned the trust and confidence of our clients throughout Illinois.


Truck operators must abide by various federal and state regulations that govern vehicles engaged in interstate traffic, adding complexity to the already difficult issue of injury liability. With the anxiety that comes in the aftermath of a truck accident, there is little time for understanding the significance of these rules. At Schum Law, our experience in truck accident cases can help you understand these regulations and determine their proper application to your individual case.

Liability assessment

Compared to other traffic accidents, collisions between commercial vehicles and automobiles are much more likely to cause serious and catastrophic injuries to the car’s occupants. Liability assessments identify the party responsible for the payment of damages, medical bills and related costs resulting from commercial vehicle injury and wrongful death. This is why effective liability assessment is important, and this is why our clients confidently turn to us for help.

Commercial Truck Accident?

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