Bikes and Cars treated as Equals under Illinois' Rules of the Road

Feb 16, 2017 | Categories: News | Tags: automobile, accident, bicycle

Recently, Governor Bruce Rauner signed House Bill 5912, and the bill went into effect January 1, 2017. This bill amends the Illinois Vehicle Code to include that every bicyclist is entitled to the same rights as vehicles, including to right of way, while on highways. This comes after hundreds of yearly deaths in bicycle/motor vehicle collisions.

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Where are the worst drivers?

The NSC found that 10.6 percent of all fatal crashes in that state involved the use of a cell phone.

Jul 23, 2013 | Categories: News | Tags: automobile, accident, driver

Many of us feel like our city or town is the home of the worst drivers anywhere. With statistics to support it, Craig Fitzgerald of sets the record straight with enticing categories like Worst Teen Drivers (you’ll never guess), Worst Senior Drivers, and Most Distracted Drivers. 

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